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About The Communal Oven

The Communal Oven  History & Philosophy

Pizza is a food with a very ancient origin. Dating back to pre Judeo Christian times. Pizza was a poor man’s food, since it was simple to prepare and required only the simplest of ingredients, available both now and in ancient times: flour, oil, salt, yeast – some toppings and a Wood Fired Oven.

Communal Ovens evolved from this: so that by the 14th and 15th centuries in Italy and France they were common place. Even though they were called Communal Ovens, they did not belong to the Community. The Oven was the property of the local  Baker who owned both the Oven and the  Fire and would charge the locals for baking their bread.

Today, The Communal Oven continues this ancient art, bringing to you the most authentic, delicious Wood fired Pizzas for your next Festival, Party, Gathering or Event. Please feel free to contact me on the link above to discuss your specific requirements.

And whilst we continue the ancient tradition of lighting our Wood Fired Oven and baking your Pizza, you are participating in the ancient tradition of the old Communal Ovens of Europe which in some rural areas are still used for Community celebrations today..